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"We need to encourage children take more math and science, and to make sure those courses are rigorous enough to compete with other nations"

George W Bush
US President
in his annual State of the Union speech
Feb 1st 2006.

Here at Smart Study Place, we understand that it is important to find the “right-fit” for each student, which is why we offer prospective members a free 30-day trial.

By clicking on the link below, you can access worksheets in various subjects for free for 30 days and then decide which package plan best fits the needs of the students.

Smart Study Place recognizes that each student may have different needs; therefore, we offer two program plans to help suit different levels of tutoring help.

Type Plan Fee
Free Students can access 30 free sample worksheets and answers as a part of our 30-day free trial service

Students can access maximum of 3 assessment tests for any given day.

Students can access unlimited Math exercises for 30 days

Students can access numerous online Learn'n Play games for 30 days.
No Fees
Member Students have unlimited access to numerous worksheets for Math, Science and English language skills

Students can also work online and/or offline by printing out the worksheets

Students can assess their skills by accessing monthly Assessment Tests

Students can access numerous Learn'n Play games.

Students can practice on unlimited Math problems

Students can learn mathematical and scientific concepts using various tools and tips
$40 per grade for yearly subscription

$20 per grade for 6 months subscription